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Flow Minder

“At Flow Minder, we believe in the strength of inclusivity. We understand that while our journey began with a focus on neurodevelopmental disorders, the benefits of our platform extend to all children. We are devoted to helping every child thrive, supporting their educational and personal growth every step of the way.”

Lyritia Potgieter
Founder and CEO

Lyritia's Vision for a Unified Platform at Flow Minder

Lyritia’s exhaustive search through various apps revealed a stark gap in available resources. She envisioned a unified platform that could offer comprehensive support, not just for her son but for all children, irrespective of their neurological make-up.

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Empowering Educational Journeys

The Flow Minder Story of Support and Success

At Flow Minder, we are committed to enriching the educational journeys of all children, ensuring that every student has access to the support and resources they need to succeed. Our story finds its roots in a personal journey undertaken by Lyritia, a determined mother on a quest to find the right tools to support her son, who has ADHD.
the mission

A Visionary Solution for Seamless Support in Every Child's World

This revelation was the catalyst for the creation of Flow Minder. Our mission is clear: to provide a seamless, user-friendly solution that integrates essential features for organization, mood management, and support. We aim to be a holistic tool for families, educators, and therapists, fostering an environment where every child’s potential is recognized and nurtured.

Meet the team

Team Behind Flow Minder

Lyritia Potgieter

Founder and CEO

Paul Potgieter

Managing Partner

Oliver Turnbull

Tech Master

Louis Sawford

Legal Enforcer

Rachel Howes

Wellness Guru

PROVEN 360 Team

Marketing Maestro
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